Pencil, ink and markers on paper. (No time to color! UGH!)Did Pudgy Pig of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. This is my answer to Freely Abrigo’s Baboy Drawing Challenge!!!
Saint Felix, Hollywood, Los Angeles California
Saw this photo on 9gag and I feel that this bit is a little close to home for me. I really started late with life compared to friends and colleagues my age. Now, the younger generation is catching up to me. I still don’t know or feel what I should do with my life. I’m turning 30 this year. But that said, I am still hopeful that everything will just be fine. 

Being an Empath…

What if I stop caring?
What if I stop listening?
What if I stop responding?

I think my life would be a little less hassled and a lot calmer because I will not be burdened by the emotional stress people always put on to me when they ask me for advice or just listen to them.

It is difficult being an Empath people, be considerate. We take on your emotional baggage like it is our own. We REALLY feel what you feel because it is in our (Empath’s) nature to absorb everything that is being shared to us. 

So all I wish is to be a little considerate. When you asks us to listen, we listen. Don’t just ask for our attention and just say NEVER MIND afterwards. I am prepared to listen yet you think it is easy for me to just shut that off in a instant. NO! You are dead wrong.

So, I will never stop caring; I will never stop listening; and I will never stop responding. You know why? Because I was born this way. I was born to care, listen, and respond to the emotional baggage and burdens friends and family gives us., 

This is my submission to Doctor Who’s Day of The Impossible Astronaut event.

"April 23 they say was when the Silence has fallen. I don’t remember anything! Help! I think something is with me in my room! HELP!!!"